Daniel Poliziani : "I’m looking forward to meeting everyone"

Can you introduce yourself to the fans ?

My name is Daniel Poliziani. I am 26 years old and from Burlington, Ontario Canada. I am the oldest of 3 as I have a younger sister and a younger brother. Grew up in a very athletic family. I guess you could say ice is in the family. I have played hockey all my life, my little sister is a figure skater, and my brother is also a hockey player.

What style of player are you on the ice and in the locker room ?

-  I would say that I am a small puck moving defenceman that loves to jump up into the rush and help out offensively. My top strengths would be my skating ability as well as passing and playmaking skills. In the locker room I would say I am a bit quiet but once people get to know me well I tend to open up and be more vocally active. Lead by example on and off the ice.

Your father is a hockey coach, this sport is very important for your family ?

-  Hockey is very important in my family. Growing up it always seemed that we were in a hockey rink. My father would take me down to visit Yale university from time to time. For a couple years, he would end up coaching me and eventually coach my brother as well. My father and mother really supported us and continue to support our dream of playing hockey. Looking back now, I know how many sacrifices they had to make in order to put me and my siblings into our respected sports so I owe a lot to them both for my career in hockey and pushing me to be the best I can be.

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You were playing in the Canadian university championship, Can you tell us about it ? What is the level ?

-  I have played 5 years in Usports which is the name of Canadian university athletics that includes all sports including hockey. Usports is separated into 3 leagues depending on where you are attending school in Canada. There is Canada West, the OUA (Ontario University Association), and AUS (Atlantic University Sport). I played a year and a half in the AUS then transferred to Ryerson University which is in the OUA. The hockey is great. A lot of great players who want to pursue schooling come up from the CHL (Canadian Hockey League).

Why did you choose to try adventure in Europe ?

-  I have recently seen the value of traveling around the world. I mean hockey has given me so many great opportunities, memories, and great friendships. Now, hockey has given me another great opportunity to travel and see a different part of the world. On top of that I still would love to pursue playing hockey and this adventure to Dunkirk is the best step for me to take next !

Why did you choose to come to Dunkirk ?

-  I am very excited to come to Dunkirk. This is a team that was willing to give me a great opportunity to showcase what I can do. They are willing to give me a chance to prove myself this year. A beautiful city that is full of history, I can’t wait to come and experience the culture.

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What do you know about the French championship and especially Division 1 ?

-  I didn’t know much about the French Championship other than I had a few past teammates that played in the league and absolutely loved it. So I am very exciting to get started and have a great year with the team.

You played fewer games in certain seasons in Usport. Can you explain why ?

-  Earlier in my university career I ended up transferring schools from out east of Canada to Toronto which is closer to home for me. When you transfer from school to school within Canada, you have to sit out 365 days since your last game with the initial team so that is why I only ended up playing 6 games that year. This past year was unfortunate for myself not playing as much as I’d like. We had a great team and it was difficult to crack the line up. However, with the fewer games that I played I was able to focus on other things outside of sports. I contributed and lead community service events for my team. Received over 50 community service hours and won the D. H. Craighead award which is an award at the end of the year for the male with the greatest outstanding contribution to community service. I also was the assistant captain on the team. I don’t believe that the stats of my last year resemble what type of player I am, my skill, and work ethic. I intend to come to Dunkirk, work hard, and prove myself and show exactly what I can do as a defenceman.

Do you have personal and collective goals this season ?

-  Really just to be the best that I can while having fun. I tend to put too much pressure on myself and it doesn’t end the way that I would have liked. So this year I won’t have many expectations except to work hard and earn everything I receive, have some fun while doing it, and contribute offensively to help our team achieve its goal !

A last word for the fans ?

-  Just looking forward to meeting everyone, experiencing the culture of Dunkirk, and having fun playing some hockey ! Can’t wait to get things started !