Lassi YRJOLA : "I am already looking forward to play in Dunkerque !"

Can you introduce yourself to the fans ?
Bonjour, My name is Lassi Yrjölä, you can call me Late or Y. I have my 25th birthday in july 31. I’m from Tampere, its one of the biggest cities in Finland and the greatest "hockey town". I have been to France twice before vacationing. Once in Nice and once in Paris.

Why did you choose the Guardian position, when did you make that choice ?
I just thougt that it’s cool and after age of 12 I chose to be a goalie but before that I was our teams best goal scorer too, so maybe I will change the position someday...

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How do you see this role, what is special about it ?
It is really special in every way compared to other positions. You have to be ready every second during the game. You must be mentally strong and calm and sharp sam time in all situations.

What kind of person are you out of the ice ?
I think I am really social guy and I like to meet new people, and my favorite thing is to go and play a round of golf with friends.

What do you know about the French championship and especially Division 1 ?
I dont know much, but a couple of my old team mates have been playing in France and they recommended the league and country.

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Why did you choose to come to Dunkirk ?
I heard good things of this organization and fans from my friends so those are the biggest reasons.

Do you know the atmosphere on game nights ?
Yeah, my friend told me that the athmosphere is crazy there, best in the league, he said. I watched couple videos from facebook and it looked so cool, I am waiting so much to play home games in Dunkerque !

You went to play in the United States. What do you remember from this experience ?
Yes. It was really great experience to live and play there. I got a lot of good memories !

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Have you had any opportunities to continue there as an academic ?
Yes, I could’ve gone there but I didn’t want to do that then.

Do you have personal and collective goals this season ?
My goal is to keep our net clean and make great season and memories with team and fans.

A last word for the fans ?
Have a nice summer everyone and see you in autumn, I am already looking forward to play in Dunkerque !