Nolan Sheeran : "I can’t wait to come to Dunkirk"

Can you introduce yourself to the fans ?

Hello fans ! My name is Nolan Sheeran and I’m from Buffalo, New York in the United States. This is my second year of professional hockey and I can’t wait to get to France !

What style of player are you on the ice and in the locker room ?

I like to think that I can see the ice well and can create offense. My strongest asset is probably my skating and work ethic. In the locker room i’m outgoing and enjoy getting to know my teammates.

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Can you tell us about your NCAA experience ? What is the level ?

The NCAA helped me develop and grow as a player both mentally and physically. I played at Canisius College for four years and had a great time doing so. NCAA hockey is very fast and physical.

You played in NCAA then in SPHL Why change league ? What is the difference between the 2 leagues ?

In the SPHL, most teams only dressed 9 forwards, whereas the NCAA would dress 12. For that reason I think that NCAA is faster than the SPHL. The SPHL is definitely more of a professional game thats about puck possession and game management. NCAA was a lot of dumping, followed by chasing.

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Why did you choose to try adventure in Europe ?

I have never been to Europe and was lucky enough to get an offer to play for Dunkirk. I’ve had friends who have played in France and they all said that they loved it. Dunirke is a great organization and it’s an honor to be on this team.

Why did you choose to come to Dunkirk ?

Dunkirk looks like a beautiful place and a great location. From what i’ve researched, the team has done very well and has a great leadership core and coaching staff. All those things along with the new rink make it a great fit for me !

What do you know about the championship of France and especially about the division 1 ?

I have tried to learn as much about the league as possible. From what I have seen and heard from other people is that the league is very competitive and I can’t wait to start playing games.

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Do you have personal and collective goals this season ?

I’m going to do everything I can to help the team win. The more we win, the more successful we will all be individually ! I want to win a championship !

A last word for the fans ?

I can’t wait to come to Dunkirk and get this season going ! See you all at the rink !